Accolades Interiors is more than a Kitchen, Bath and Interior Design Business, it is a business dedicated to the service of Interior problem solving. We work with all challenging interior spaces, including. Home Offices, Laundry Rooms, Media Rooms, Libraries, Master Closets, Butler’s Pantries, or any other rooms. We can even work with outdoor rooms, like kitchens, patio areas and pool houses.

We strive to build a trusting relationship with our clients so that they will come to us again and again. Our highest compliment is when our clients call on us for future home projects. Your home is a place to achieve your dreams, to do things you thought you couldn’t do and to feel a deeper appreciation of your wonderful space.

  • We strive to determine the key to discover life’s luxuries at home
  • Ask revealing questions and listens well to discover the inner vision for the décor.
  • Consults without imposing our (Accolades) will or pre-determined solutions.
  • Observes the artifacts, art and action that characterize a client’s style of living.
  • Considers client’s judgment.
  • Offers creative solutions such as “I never would have thought of that”.
  • Respects time and money.
  • Clients enjoy the relationship and the delightful level of service while the project is being completed.

Projects have the attention of a professional designer and staff which give clients individualized attention. Customized designs are tailored to each client’s priorities with a high level of service to give emphasis on functionality, aesthetic grace and architectural style.

Here, you are more than clients; you are partners in the design experience.


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