Period Styles

Choosing a period style is an important part of the design process. A style concept helps tie together the functional ideas in an aesthetic package. This gives a room a sense of cohesiveness. Style is responsible for the flow and rhythm of a room. There are many different styles available to choose from, but to pare down the possibilities; a few of the more popular styles are shown below.

A period style is a starting point to help a designer understand more of a client's tastes and desires. The final design for each client's project is transformed into a unique solution. This solution is tailored to reflect each of a client's home architecture, functional and storage needs, personality, and the pace of their lives. Period styles can transform any room of the house, like a master or guest bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, library, entry hall or mud-room. The important aspect is for the room to feel balanced, interesting, dynamic, cohesive, and welcoming.

Click any image for a more detailed description of the period style.


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